Portuguese Surf 'n' Turf Feast - Londrino

Join us for a decadent Portuguese feast dedicated to Leandro Carreira's 2 favourite things: shellfish and crispy pig.


4 courses + snacks and cocktails

Tuesday 10th Jul 4:00 PM

For the July edition of Taste Tuesdays, you will be transported to the sun-drenched shores of Iberia at a decadent Portuguese feasted hosted by Londrino restaurant.

For one night only, Head Chef Leandro Carreira will be serving up a 4-course menu dedicated to his 2 favourite things: shellfish and crispy pig. Kicking off with seafood sharing plates paired with aperitif cocktails, the centrepiece will be a roast suckling pig and whole brown crab replete with chips, crab foie, brioche and offal rice.

No self-respecting Portuguese feast is complete without a prego (pork sandwich) pre-dessert, before the finale of Londrino Ló - Chinese long pepper ice cream - and digestif cocktails. And all accompanied by lashings of local wine and traditional Portuguese conviviality of course.

Space is extremely limited so book your spot at the table quick to avoid missing out.